Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wow, i am beyond freakin' shocked. HR called. She was like, "Hi Nicole, how did your interviews go today?" All disgruntled I told her, "oh good, but I have one more on Thursday since she had to reschedule." She said, "oh really ok. Well, I just heard from So and So (manager of ICU, first interview that I bombed, which was my first choice) and she wants to offer you the position."

WHAT? I told her I was quite surprised because I thought that I did horrible in the interview~!!! She said there was only one spot open, so I must have done well!!

>>>>so shocked<<<<
I had already pushed that position out of my mind and was getting used to the idea of working at my current hospital since the interview went much better.

wow, i don't even know what to think. Maybe the other interviewers were just SO bad that I was their only choice????


april said...

You were not their only choice! I know you did great! Congratulations!!!