Monday, June 22, 2009


Today I floated...and you'll never guess to where??

I floated in the pool!

haha ok lame joke. For real, today I got floated to...DUN,DUN, DUN...the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!!
When I walked in and saw my last name on the board with "ICU" behind it, I thought, no surprise there. I felt like it was done on purpose almost to test me!! As if it was the first part of my interview.
I took two patients, one icu and one tele who I later transferred to the floor. It was so awesome. I love working in the unit. You know everything going on with your patients and I felt so much more involved!!
I met the manager who I will be interviewing with TOMORROW, so that was nice!
AND THEN, I FLOATED AGAIN? To where, you ask? THE CCU (critical care), OF COURSE! 3-7 I was there with only ONE PATIENT. Apparently they thought the assignment would change, but it didn't, so for 4 hours it was just me and my one ICU patient, who was mostly stable, except for his extensive history and literally 13 stents. He told me the Guinness Book of World Record is 18, so he is 5 off. He is a massive heart attack waiting to happen at any moment. And open heart won't touch him due to his weight and obviously other issues. They said he would have like a 2% chance of survival.
I have to admit that going from my usual of 4-5 patients and running around like a chicken with my head cut off to ONE patient was hard. I felt bored!! However, I made myself useful and helped the other nurses with things like ekg's, paperwork, and accuchecks. I did what I could.
When I returned back to my normal floor to retrieve my things I found out that my manager told them to send me early this morning.
And now, I am going to eat some cupcakes and prepare for tomorrow's interviews.
Wish me luck.

ps: I have kind of a "confession" of sorts. I think I am more nervous tomorrow about what I am wearing than the actual interview! haha, I have a great white suit from Ann Taylor and shoes that go great with it too, but the shoes are heels and just so uncomfortable! I don't know, I just hope I don't look like I'm trying too hard. I will take a picture in the morning.

ok, I couldn't wait because I wanted some opinions. This is my suit. Keep in mind I will have my hair down nice and pretty and makeup...and I just worked 13 hours in this photo, so just ignore my entire head completely. what do you guys think?



Miss Purple Stethoscope said...

You look great!! Suit is perfect ;-P Good luck with the interview, just relax, be confident and you'll be fine!!