Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Interview #1: complete.

ugh, I felt horrible. It was a panel-type interview. The manager with 4 other nurses all asking me questions from their little list. All of the questions seemed so vague to me, like, "Tell a time when you were compassionate..." ugh. what? How can I not answer this vague? I'm a nurse, I AM ALWAYS COMPASSIONATE. Every time they asked me to name a specific time, it is like my mind went blank and I could only mutter some dumb-ass answer. They didn't ask me hardly any clinical questions, mostly questions like the one above or, "tell a time when you had a conflict..." or "tell a time when someone was angry with yo and how you handled it...".
I am pretty sure this interview was a big failure. I feel so dumb. Now I need sit around and wait for my next interview 1pm, so I can go make another huge fool out of myself.