Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday recap

Today has been a kind of lazy day after my "triumphant" bike ride. Since I woke up so early I was pretty tired by noon.
I've mostly just been surfing blogs and relaxing.

I ended up making a little brunch.

Max and I took a nap!

Then I had some stupid chores to take care of, like washing all of my gym clothes for the week, so I won't have any excuses. I also had to iron all of my uniforms for work. We wear royal blue or all white. I didn't feel like washing the one all white uniform I own.

Wow, I'm so domestic.

For dinner I made an Amy's mushroom and olive organic pizza with some kale on the side. I plan to relax with a cup of tea and probably a bath.

The picture of the cat is something my mom bought for me at an antique place. It is kind of creepy, but also cool, don't you think? It was painted in '68. I'm trying to find somewhere to hang it!

What does the agenda for this week look like? Tomorrow I work 12 hours, followed by another 12 hour shift on Tuesday. I then have 3 days off, followed by working the weekend. We don't have anything planned yet for Wed, Thurs, or Fri, but I hope we do because it always helps me to get through work when I have something to look forward to. Not that it is so difficult to get through work or anything, but sometimes I just feel like I'm dragging. I do like my job, but I know my true heart and passion will be in critical care.

I think I'm going to do a post soon regarding all of the things I carry in my pockets at work! haha

EDIT: I just remembered that The Next Food Network star airs tonight on the food network (der) at 9! I'll be dvr-ing it since that is past my bedtime on work nights, but will anyone else be watching?


april said...

Hey! thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you found it because now I have a blogger that I have something in common with :) How do you like being a nurse? I'll probably start working in July or August because I'm still waiting to take my boards.
See ya around!

april said...
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