Sunday, June 21, 2009

End of the weekend

Don't you just hate when you have a couple of great days off, having the time of your life and then it has to end abruptly for work? Bah! Mirza and I had the best 4 days, but I guess I cannot complain since most people only get 2 days off per week. Sigh.
Today was a lazy day for the most part. However, I did start on an active note. Around 10, I went on a 4.5 mile bike ride in the sweltering heat. The cardiovascular aspect was nice, but besides that? Pure torture! The humidity must be 100%. It was horrible!! My face was beet red and my clothes were drenched when I got home.

The rest of the day consisted mainly of cleaning and being lazy.
I made a smoothie with: coconut milk, blueberries, strawberries, flax meal, and about half a piece of ginger! Really, delicious.

I definitely indulged in some more cupcakes today too~!

I thought the vanilla ones tasted much better today!

I must say, I am feeling incredibly nervous for this week. Tuesday I have two interviews for the Critical Care Internship Program (CCIP) and my final one on Thursday. I'm mostly worried since there will be other nurses applying and to me, if those nurses have more experience, it just seems obvious that they will take them over me. However, I WANT this and I think I can portray that in my interview and I definitely tried my hardest to prove it with my portfolio, as well. There's not much left to do at this point besides show up looking fabulous and professional to the interview and try not to say anything completely stupid...right?
If it doesn't work out, I wonder what I should? I am contemplating just going back to school for my master's because I don't want to delay the process any longer. However, I know I want Critical care experience! I'm so torn. Also, it is more than likely that I will need to work nights at first for CCIP, which is a complete turn off for me, but I am willing to do it if I have no real choice.

This evening Mirza had to buy new strings for his guitar, so we went to Sam Ash and stopped at the Fresh Market on the way home since it is close.
I bought some extra things so I can recreate the "incan sandwich" I bought the other day at Nature's Finest. I'm feeling drained right now though, so I'll probably just have a pb sandwich for lunch tomorrow:(
I bought a new bag and was also delighted to see Food, Inc. advertised on the Stonyfield farms yogurt!

When we got home, we went for a quick swim and then I made mini pizza's using pita bread, tomato sauce, left over Romano and Parmesan cheese, and topped them with mushrooms and grape tomatoes. On the side was just a simple salad with roasted red pepper dressing.

Hopefully I can relax the rest of the night. "The Next Food Network Star" is on tonight! I will probably DVR it and watch tomorrow. I watched the first two episodes...anyone else?


april said...

Good luck tomorrow! Everything will work out!