Thursday, June 25, 2009

not dead

I'm not dead! I didn't post yesterday because I was just so relieved about getting the position. Mirza and I saw Transformers and just hung around. Actually, I was exhausted yesterday, which doesn't make a lot of sense because I didn't work or do anything crazy; I got enough sleep and everything
I think I have been so overwhelmed with trying to get into CCIP that yesterday I hit a wall.
Hopefully I can get back to my normal self!
I'm excited because the people at Amazing Grass are sending me out some samples! Review to come, of course.
About to start the day with some yoga and Extreme training later at 4:30.

Mirza bought us some goggles for the pool:

blub blub..

Today I will attempt to recreate the Incan wrap with some delicious quinoa. Need to enjoy my days off!!
Two months until I start my dream job!

PS: I just found out that I got offered another position at my hospital, too! I figured that manager would offer me the position because the interview went well. To me it did, anyway. But since I had already picked my first choice, that was that. Hey look, I don't suck, yay!


april said...

Love the goggles!! how did you get those samples?? ;)

Susan said...

I just started following your blog...I'm a new nurse. :) I'm excited to hear about your entry into critical care since I hope to get there one day after I get a little med/surg under my belt. (And the economy picks up...)

Unknown said...

Congrats on both of the job offers, that's awesome!