Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday bike ride

So this morning I could not sleep. I don't know what it was, but I woke up at 4am and just laid in bed until 5. I finally got up.
I decided once the sun was close to up that I would go on a bike ride.
And so begins the journey...

It started in the bathroom, as most events do...

Don't forget the SPF...(me with no makeup, oh gosh!!)

My used Trek awaits me...

Getting ready to go and a quick check of the time. That is AM, of course.

As I left the parking lot I could not resist a picture of the sky. It just looked gorgeous. The older I get the more I love the morning. In fact, sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me...I'm 24 and up at 5am on my own accord...I'm not 80!! Geez, anyway...

Finally, I was "off." I live on quite a busy road, so I mostly used the sidewalks, which I know is "wrong," but I've only had my bike for like a week and a half and have yet to purchase a helmet. I mean, I prefer to eat my food solid on pretty plates as opposed to just liquid form through a tube in my me? Playing it safe for now!!

"Tired and hot"

I made it all the way to Mirza's house!! I imagined everyone inside sleeping all soundly. It made me laugh to myself.

Right before I crashed....kidding.

I love the sunrise!

And finally I made it back home where Max was waiting for me on the balcony, as always...

Another check of the time!

What you didn't see was the black scruff marks all over my legs and arms from carrying that sucker up to the second floor!

It was probably only about 4.5 miles, but still fun and good nonetheless.