Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We had a great day today! Mirza had to take the math portion of the CLAST at USF and he passed, woo. Since I knew we would be in Tampa, I decided we should hit up the GreenWise Publix since I've never been. Holy crap, I wish we had this over here. It is awesome!!
I bought some delicious organic 9 grain bread and we also got this amazing pizza dough, so we had that for lunch. For dessert, we devoured this triple chocolate mouse cake. No pics since it was just too good to pause for photo-ops.
After all the food, we went for a swim. Aaaah, the pool was sooo much better this time. It was like a warm bath. Then we drove to my work so I could fill in my schedule and off to Sam Ash we went so Mirza could test some more guitars.

We ended the night at the Ray's game *snore*. We're both not baseball finds; find it incredibly boring, but his uncle had tickets from a doctor at work. They are really awesome seats, but seriously, we just can't get into baseball.