Friday, June 12, 2009

nightmare's suck

Please bear with me as I update my blog and change the layout/design.

ugh,I had a nightmare about my CCIP interviews.
Well, first, let me say that HR called me yesterday and set up my interviews.

Anyway, in the dream for some reason I was completely late to my first interview for 9am. I wasn't even wearing a suit, I was in scrubs with heals. By the time I made it to the manager of MSICU, it was probably 4 hours later. I told her that I mixed up my interviews and thought the first one was at Countryside and by the time I drove back, it was so late. She was calm and laid back, said she would talk with me. But she didn't interview me. She just looked ahead as she went through a bunch of other applicant's portfolio's and talked about how stupid they were, tossing them across the room. I tried to interview myself by telling her how hard I work on the portfolio and how much I would love to work in critical care. She just ignored my statements and would open another portfolio. Finally, I started agreeing with her, "omg, yes, I know that girl, she is a horrible nurse!" haha. Eventually, she looked at me and said, "ok, thanks for your time." I said some stupid comment about how she should hire me and then hauled ass to to CCU for my next interview.

When I arrived, it was about 5pm. The interview was scheduled for 10am. All of these nurses were sitting at long lunch tables being lectured by a pulmonary doctor. I found the manager at the end of the table, some old lady who looked stressed. I asked if she was so and so, she said, YES, got up and started walking all frazzled to the bathroom. I followed her and told her my story. She kept going from room to room,"I don't have time for this, I'm going home..." and then, "ok what do you want? NO, NO, i am going HOME." In the end, she started talking to me like I had the job, "when can you start?"

ughhh it was so weird!!! On my way home, I tried to call the other hospital so I could see if the manager of those ICU's was still around, but I kept getting the wrong number signal.
Let's hope my real interview day is not that stressful.

yay, I got mentioned on Angela's OH SHE GLOWS blog (my absolutely favorite)!! If anyone is making their way here from there looking for my GREEN MONSTERS, look at the bottom of the page:):)


april said...

Ah I'm sorry about your dream! I ALWAYS have bad dreams about school or clinical! lol