Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 13: frustration

Today I am feeling: frustrated.

And it has nothing to do with my yoga practice.

And everything to do with FLORIDA.

To put it nicely, I AM SICK OF FREAKIN' LIVING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hot, miserable; I'm sick of going outside and seeing nothing but CEMENT, BUILDINGS; dealing with pissed off and rude road-ragers, red-necks, crack heads, even old people running me off the road. I'm sick of not having nature.

Everyone always says the same thing when I mention these things: oh, but Nicole, no where else can you go to the beach in October! Florida is SOOOO NICE!!

Really? I would like for someone to list me some great things about living in Florida that do not include THE BEACH. I'm pretty sure no one can think of anything else.
And yes, the beach...it is nice, but seriously? Is that ALL Florida has to offer??
There's Disney world...ooooo wooopdeeedoo!!!

ANYWAY, I'm feeling bitter and annoyed today with the heat. It should be getting cooler in the week and then maybe I will be a little happier about being here. It isn't like I can just get up and leave. You don't just leave your relationship of almost 7 years to move to another state. I don't, anyway. So, I am stuck here, for now.

What can I do about it? YOGA.
Will be doing a nice home practice.


Eco Yogini said...

ohhh, I hope yoga helped. I visited Florida once- stayed there for a month in August (ACK). My poor Canadian self was traumatized from the heat! Since then, I have lived in a couple equally HOT canadian cities (in the summer time anyways).

I gotta say though, I wasn't super duper impressed with Florida- but then I'm a seasons type kinda gal. I like the Fall, winter and spring. :)

Perhaps there are other cities in florida that you could live in someday?
When I felt citied out in Montreal, I ran away for a weekend to the cottage in NS. it was beautiful. perhaps you and your partner are due for a running away weekend...

Ang said...

I hate that you are so frustrated! I can only try to see your point of view since I live in WV where it's super cold and often snows from October-April. We do have hot days in July and August but then it's cold again! Every year I threaten to move South! lol! Hopefully things will cool down for you and I'm glad yoga helps!

Anonymous said...

I live in Florida too, and boy do I understand! I live in Ocala, which luckily gets pretty chilly (17 last winter!) and the leaves turn. But the hot spell this last week has had me feeling depressed and grouchy and bitter. Hang in there, it will cool off this weekend! :)

Sean said...

OK. We'll trade. I'd be glad to complain of being too hot too long. LOL.
Please. Come live in Western PA. It's 41 degrees right now.