Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 16 recap

Good morning!

Yesterday was a long day. When I came home, my body was just exhausted. Took care of a very sick patient.
Mirza and I went out for a late dinner to Athenian Gardens and gorged on super deliciousness. Probably not so healthy, but my body needed it!!
We got home around 9:30. Before bed, I took a hot bath and then attempted yoga. I was determined not to break the 31-Day Challenge. Folks, I did about 10 minutes. My arms wouldn't move. Every time I closed my eyes, they just wanted to roll in the back of my head. 10 minutes was enough and savasana was out of the question. Definitely would have fallen directly to la-la land. I did not want to force it because then it would not be a nice, intentional practice, but rather something I felt I had to do.
Learned today: you cannot force it!

I LOVE THE WEATHER!!! As you've seen from previous posts, it has been nothing but HOT HOT AND sweltering HOT. Well, I knew when I woke up this morning, it would be different. I ran to the sliding glass door of my balcony, threw it open and stepped out into the crispness of lovely 62 and just breaaaaaaathed it all in with a big smile on my stupid face.

All of my windows are now open and I'm airing out all that nasty indoor pollution from the AC being on since...hmmm, April? About 6 months.

Have a great Saturday. Day 17 post later tonight. I'm going for a long walk!


Catherine said...

Isn't the weather perfect?!?! It finally feels like fall. Love the blog, BTW! :)

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

It is amazing! I love it, hope it lasts!
Thanks for the comment:)