Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20

Good evening, folks!

Today was good, but I suppose all good things must come to an end (I work the next two days), right? haha!

I began the day with a walk through Lake Seminole Park, which is definitely my new favorite place to walk now.

I love the way the sun glistens off the water in this picture.

Bird basking in the sun!

My favorite photo.

Sans makeup...aah


I'll post more pictures of the park later in the week...

I spent the rest of the day cleaning, shopping, and making dinner.

I also bought myself flowers! I wanted a fall-feel for the dining area.

Dinner was Carrot Ginger soup with baked sesame pita from CLEAN FOOD.


And for dessert, we had a slice of cheesecake at the bookstore.


For yoga, I did about 20-25 minutes. I was feeling anxious and hyper and had difficulty getting into it. I also had food in my stomach and drank some OJ right before, so yeah...don't do that, people!
Sometimes I think the amount of minutes practiced do not matter so much as the thought and intention/purpose that goes into the practice. For instance, I could have days when I do 90 minutes and am totally not with it. And others when 15 just blows my mind because I am completely one with everything. The fact that I am taking any time out of my day to do something intentionally good is all that matters to me.


Ang said...

That park looks so pretty! I meant to do more outdoor walks during the summer but I procrastinated and now it's cold!

Princi said...

"...blows my mind because I am completely one with everything" I love this thought!
Thank you for your beautiful posts and pictures.