Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5!

Long 12 and a half hour shift in the ICU, but I managed to complete a very satisfying 25 minute practice followed by 10 of savasana, ALL ON MY OWN. At first, I put on one of those "Namaste Yoga" shows from FitTv that I had DVR'd but they SUCK. Seriously, they go so fast, no time for actually breathing or anything. I do NOT recommend them. I did like 3 minutes and thought to myself: No, you are better than this. You can do this on your own! You're intelligent and quite capable!! So I dimmed down the lights, turned the air to 79 so it wouldn't turn on, and put on a Yoga Relaxation cd.

Honestly, everything flowed. I was focusing on my breath. I kept reminding myself that was the most important. And I think I did an excellent job considering it was the first time I tried to practice on my own without an instructor.

I've been to enough classes that I understand how to sequence together poses. And you know what I just kept telling myself? Do whatever feels right. Do not force anything. Just do! And breathe. I also let the music be my guide without putting too much thought into it. It helped to gauge my time and where I was without having to keep looking at the clock. I wasn't in a rush, but in the back of my head I know I need to get to bed soon, so that was one hindrance I think I overcame gracefully.

I feel proud and accomplished of everything I have done work and at home.

Goodnight all!


Mrs. LC said...

Awesome job on doing your own yoga! I don't know why but I'm always so timid to try yoga on my own..but often I love it, esp. because I can do poses I love and that I feel my body needs at that moment. :)

P.S. Glad I found your blog - I live in FL too (I'm in Gainesville). :)

Ang said...

Way to go doing yoga on your own!:)