Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 1 recap

Okay, so today is Day 10, but I wanted to do a recap of the first week.

Since Day 1, I've done approximately 525 minutes of yoga, or 8.75 hours. Not that the minutes or hours mean anything, I'm just trying to keep it in perspective for myself.

Favorite practice was on the roof, which was Day 7. There was just something about being in nature and literally being in front of the sun while doing sun salutations. I almost feel like all of yoga should be practiced outside.

I'm also quite surprised and proud of my home practice. Before this began, that is what I worried about the most. "Would I know what to do? Would I end up just giving up because it didn't feel like real yoga?"
I had a lot of concerns, but the first night totally crushed those apprehensions.

I feel stronger physically and I'm noticing that some asanas are becoming easier (and that I am doing them the right way!). I can now successfully get my feet flat on the ground during down dog. Forward folds are still a challenge, but I feel my hamstrings and back loosening and slowly inching my way there.
The most important part is that I am just doing, not trying. What I mean by that is if a pose is uncomfortable or I feel like I am not "doing it right," then I either don't do it or I modify and stay content. I realize that every moment and every practice is different.

Stay content...

Besides the physical aspect, since that is just one component of yoga, I have noticed a sense of calmness in my step. It could be intentional since I am trying to make this month all about positivity, but a lot of it does have to do with the yoga...especially the breathing. I'm not forgetting to breathe anymore! In fact, some days I walk a block to work from the parking lot (as opposed to taking the trolley) and during that walk, I do feel anxious: what is today going to bring? what preceptor will I be with today? how will I react during rounds?? what if someone codes? And I feel my heart start to race and I begin to pick up my speed. And then, I am able to remind myself to breathe and remember that everything will be okay if I just slow down.

I asked earlier in the week everyone's favorite pose. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure mine out. Let's just say that I feel strong and powerful when going from chaturanga into upward facing dog and then down-dog. I like the fluidity in the movement and the way the breath follows.

Question of the day: Have you practiced yoga some place other than studio, gym, or home? Where was it and how did it make you feel? Or maybe your studio is so peaceful and calming that it feels like a new place or the outdoors...PLEASE SHARE!:)
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Ang said...

Sounds like a great week of yoga! Sadly I've only done yoga in the gym or in my home! :( I'd love to do outdoor yoga!