Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 9: Leafy Greens cafe!

Day 9 of Yoga was a class at one my gyms. I like the instructor, but I'm getting kind of sick of how she follows a script of what she says EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Seriously, it becomes fake and too rehearsed. Her class may be different each time, as far as asanas go, but she says everything the same. In fact, today when she ended the class, I was mouthing her words as she said them. Creativity, people!

ALSO, at the end of savasana, while lying on my side, I peeked and saw her looking at her cell phone. Granted, she may have been taking a look at the time, but seriously...c'mon!!

Besides that, it was a good practice.

But the real exciting news came during lunch/dinner!

We went to Leafy Greens Cafe!

From the site:

We are one of the first Fresh Food Restaurants in Tampa Bay specializing in Raw Vegan delicacies from around the world.

Started with H20

Excited to EAT!!

I enjoyed the Zucchini spaghetti...
From the menu:
This is an extraordinary dish! We spiralize raw zucchini and cover it with fresh raw tomato sauce made from fresh and sun-dried tomatoes and then top this with a combination of fresh herbs, peppers, shallots, garlic, lemon juice, ginger, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. If raw food is a new experience, this is one of the best ways of introduction to the wonderful dishes you can create!

It truly had SO much flavor. And this was the "half" dish. I cannot even imagine the mountain of food that comes along with the "full."

Mirza went with the veggie burger...
These are so good that we always have to make two batches; one for the staff and one for our guests! We serve this burger on lettuce with sliced tomato, sprouts, guacamole, sliced sweet peppers and raw ketchup. Our burgers are made of portobello mushrooms, walnuts, sunflower seeds flax, red onion and nama shoyu. All the trimmings are meant to be piled on top of the burger and enveloped in the lettuce. Yummy!

I was so proud of him because he was being very open-minded, even though he mentioned about 3 times that he was craving fried calamari;)

What did he think?
I'll let this picture do the talking...

I took a few bites and it was amazing!!!!

We made sure to leave room for dessert:
Raw carrot cake!!

Carrot pulp mixed with the best Medjool dates, spices, raisins, apricots and walnuts to make the most amazing piece of guilt-free cake! Topped with our sumptuous maple creme.

Mirza took his first bite and I couldn't tell if it was the look of, "mmmmm" or "blaaa, I'm going to vomit." And then he said, "oh my god..." me: "what, good, bad?!!" him: "amazzzzzing!"

We also saw The Invention of Lying, which we both agreed was THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR. If you love people like Bill Maher (Religulous), and George Carlin, and Richard Dawkins...or how about I just come out and say it: if you're an atheist, you will die laughing at this movie.


Lauren said...

Carrot cake is my favorite!! I've tried making it raw and it came out tasty to "healthy" ground carrots! LOL! I guess I should leave carrot cake making up to the professionals!

I want to see that movie! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

yummy spiralized zucch! i really wanna see that movie btw.

glad i stopped by your blog. shout to a fellow critical care nurse!!