Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 17

As the morning began, I almost felt hey, I could live here if the weather was like this, I could tolerate everything else...

...until I stepped out of my car and onto the Pinellas Trail where I was met with a schizophrenic homeless woman babbling on about just getting out of one of the local psych hospitals! I gave her $5 and begged that she please go to Walmart and buy some new pants, as hers were covered with blood. I'm kind of sickened that the psych hospital would let her leave while on her period and not give her anything! Disgusting failure.

So that kind of shattered my heart-warming feelings towards living here, to say the least. But my walk was nice after! *sigh*

Yoga was an 11:30 class at the gym. It was okay. The instructor gets a little floozy and new-age-y for me, if that makes sense. We actually did some tai chi type moves, but she had on this horrible music where the singer kept repeating (for a freakin' hour) something about "honoring the mother in us all." It was too cheesy for my tastes.
I'm getting a bit sick of the gym yoga classes. They try to make it a "yoga environment," but there is no question we're in the gym since the lights shine in and you cannot drown out the upbeat music outside and clanging weights. Very distracting.
But, I cannot afford to keep going to studios and although I love home practice, there is nothing like having a teacher.

After class, I enjoyed a nice, warm cup of Yogi Detox tea with the sliding glass door open and cool breeze blowing through. Max is loving the cooler weather. He was acting quite frisky, running back and forth from the bedroom to the balcony like a wild beast!

The rest of my day was spent with Mirza, which included: fixing a piece of his guitar in Tampa, searching for his vehicle registration/insurance that was misplaced, eating brownies from his mom, and then finding old songs on youtube for him to play by ear on guitar! I love 90's music, like "Brick" by Bens Folds Five and Counting Crows. Fun times!


Eco Yogini said...

hah, yep often yoga in the gym can be interesting. my favourite teacher was at the YMCA though... so it all depends on who and what gym you go to maybe. I've had some pretty terrible yoga-studio experiences.

isn't that terrible about the homeless woman? i hate it when people assume that the homeless are lazy. so many have mental health illnesses and the system failed them. :(

Susan said...

That's so terrible about the homeless woman! Although I can't say I'm entirely shocked that such a thing would happen.

Everyone talks about the high costs of health care, but then we have patients who stay another day because "it would be easier for the family to get them tomorrow." It's nice for me because that means they probably don't require much other than their daily meds (and it increases census so I can work!), but isn't that a huge drain on the system? Or...the patient who needs home IV antibiotics but doesn't have insurance, so we keep them in the hospital until a charity effort can be found to pay for home health nurses. Aren't home health nurses MUCH cheaper than keeping the patient in the hospital?? Drives me nuts. End rant.

Ang said...

The yoga guy at my YMCA is a little too new agey sometimes. Plus he likes to hug and I'm not at all touchy feely!

How sad about the homeless lady! Stuff like that breaks my heart! :(