Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 7, a day late!

I was too exhausted to post my Day 7 yesterday. I had been sitting in class all day being lectured on stroke scales, neuromuscular blockade, neuro pharmacology, and ventriculostomies. I wasn't sure if the day would ever end! And they "made me" test my nerves with the train of four--pretty much a little "zap" along my ulnar nerve to make my fingers twitch. The best way I can describe it, was if someone hit my funny bone and that odd feeling you get as the pain travels up the arm and into the fingers. It wasn't a pain though, just a zap.

Thankfully, we left early (2pm) and I rushed home to pretty much nap. I slept for about an hour. And then reset the alarm for 30 minutes more...followed by 10 more minutes, until it was time to get ready for yoga!

I'm always exhausted the day after working 2- 12 hour shifts. I feel like a walking zombie! Not to mention the fact that it was HOT and disgusting yesterday. Autumn, where are you?! Mother nature teased us with about 2.5 days of "cooler" weather (ie--cooler=high in the 80's, as opposed to 90's and no humidity). I am so sick of the hot weather. I wish that Mirza would graduate soon and be forced to move out of state to find a position as a music instructor. I will gladly pick up and move...the Carolina's sound nice, Colorado, California, Mass...seriously! Let's get moving!!

Besides that fantasy, yesterday's yoga was more than I could have imagined. As previously blogged, it was on the rooftop of a restaurant overlooking downtown St. Petersburg (Florida), as the sun set and the stars made their way through!

To begin, I arrived with two other strangers about 5 minutes late as this place was impossible to find! It felt odd to walk through a restaurant with my yoga gear and mat, but...
Once we made it to the roof, I immediately recognized the instructor as someone I have learned from at Living Room Yoga! YAY!! She welcomed us with a bright smile and we placed our mats among 10-12 other yogi's. This may sound odd, but I've never done yoga with a male in the "room" before! I go to an all-woman's gym and it has just been coincidence that no men have been at the studio on the day's I have arrived. I thought this would bother me for some odd reason, but I didn't think twice about it during my practice.

When I first sat down, the sun was glaring, BLINDING in my eyes! Directly in front of me. I just shut my eyes and knew it would be setting soon. Once we started our sun salutations, the sun was behind a building!
Practicing yoga outside brought on a whole new experience. I'm used to looking up and seeing ceiling, but outside---all you see is blue sky. And there were absolutely no clouds yesterday evening. It was kind of difficult to focus since the eye could seemingly look on forever, getting lost in the blue. To start, this was an intense class. 90 minutes, vinyasa, many sun salutations, down dogs...I'm feeling it this morning (and love that)! Literally, sweat was dripping off my face onto my mat.
As the class progressed, the sun drifted lower and lower dragging the night sky with stars overhead. I absolutely loved the atmosphere.
My practice began with the blinding sun and ended in savasana staring up at the stars.

Today is day 8! Updates to follow...

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Susan said...

I'm not really a fan of neuro stuff either...I'd definitely be bored!

How cool to do yoga outside...on the top of a building nonetheless!

Ang said...

That yoga class sounds great! The atmosphere sounds so cool I'd even be willing to do 100s of sun salutations! lol!

Funny that you want to move North to cooler weather and I've froze all week and threatened to move South!