Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 of 31-Day Yoga Challenge

Boy, was today long!
But oh so good!

I came home about a half hour ago from my first Yoga class of the challenge and it was definitely the perfect start.

As I mentioned, I went to Living Room Yoga in St. Pete, which is awesome! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and the atmosphere is calming! I took a picture of our room before we started. The studio is arranged with a beautiful office upon entering and then I believe 3 rooms (could be 2, I am drawing a blank here from lack of sleep). I couldn't exactly going around taking pictures because I'm sure I'd look like a weirdo. This obviously does not do it justice.Plus there was someone in the corner, so I didn't want to disturb her!:):)

On the other wall is a mirror and to the left is a little closet with supplies, and also a bathroom.

The class was calming, but not enough that it was boring or anything. The instructor's name was Gail and she was wonderful!! Her energy was just smooth and tranquil. There were only 3 of us total in the class and you could feel a great mood in the room. I did not feel self-conscious or worried about others. I loved it!
90 minutes of pure bliss.

I'm a little pooped right now, so I will have a more thorough account of the class tomorrow morning.

What did everyone do for their first day?

I want to leave you with a beautiful picture of the sky that I took last night outside my apartment...


Flissy said...

Sounds like a great start to your challenge! I love hearing about what other people's practices are like!

I had a nice long practice at home this morning, working towards hanumanasana. I'm getting over a cold, and today was the first day I could really give 100% in my asana practic... it felt great!

Ang said...

Thanks for the ideas for alternate yoga styles. I'll Google around! Sadly southern WV is lacking in yoga studios so I either have to do a dvd or take a class at the Y.

Lauren said...

Beautiful pic! I took a similar one in the morning outside of my house! :)