Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 14: Two weeks!

Today marks two weeks of the 31-Day Challenge! It is going SO FAST.
I'm thinking of extending it to a 60-Day Yoga Challenge, hmmm, any thoughts?

In honor of day 14, I tried out a new studio: St. Pete Yoga. I attended the 9:30 class Asthanga flow: Internal heat. It is for levels 2-3, according to the site. It was a difficult class for me. The sun salutations weren't a big deal, but they did a lot of other poses that I'm not used to. However, I liked the instructor because she helped to adjust my position numerous times (she asked first, of course), which was nice because sometimes you wonder if you're doing a simple pose correctly or not. And the instructors at my gym don't really do that.
My back is kind of sore today though probably from all those attempts at dancer pose yesterday!

I spent the rest of the day taking care of business, errands, etc. Also browsed through the winter Kripalu catalog, drooled over the awesome retreats...

Made an early dinner from a combo of recipes from Clean Food.

I made the Quinoa with Almonds and Currants, and on the side enjoyed the Sauteed garlic greens (I used purple kale).

Dessert was a coconut almond ice cream bar. mmmmmm.

I'm feeling kind of bummed right now. Pretty sure it is a combination of hormones and the fact that I work the next two days and I had like 8 days off (I did have labs though). Going back to work is always difficult when you have fun days off. It isn't that I am sad to go to work; more stressed. I'm always worried before I go in, especially since I am new to the unit and wonder who will be working and blablabla, it's dumb. Staying positive and cursing female hormones.


Princi said...

Congratulations for the strong commitment...already 2 weeks and you sound strong and positive!
About going for a 60-Days ... my suggestion would be to complete the 31 Days Challenge first and to keep the 60 Days Challenge for the next time...what do you think?

Ang said...

I like to have someone correct my poses too!

That quinoa recipe looks delicious! I have some at home I need to make...this looks like a good one to try!

Gena said...