Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 6!

I feel like I am progressing well at work. I've been with this one preceptor about 4 times and I definitely like working with her the best. She's a wonderful teacher, and gives me just the right amount of freedom and space without leaving me alone to fend for myself. Right now, it is perfect. Just what I need! And she says I am smart and doing very well! She's been a nurse on the unit 16 years, is CCRN and knows her stuff. Definitely the kind of ICU nurse I strive to become.


Did my 30 minutes of home-practice from 7:30-8:00 tonight! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Today was more difficult than yesterday since it was my second 12 hour shift and I am sleepy!! I'm also kind of hyped-up, so it was difficult to get my heart rate to my normal, calm rate. I managed though.
Lit some candles, dimmed the lights, and played the relaxing music...

I must say, I think the yoga before bed truly helped me have a restful night sleep. I didn't wake up once during the duration and literally woke up minutes before my alarm feeling rested and ready to go!! I loved it.

After yoga, I took a nice, hot bath. When I came out, Max was just finishing up his yoga, apparently...

(that is my old yoga mat. My nicer one stays in my trunk. Probably not the best place for it, but it works for me)

Plans for tomorrow

8 hour neuro workshop *yawn*. I'm not a big neuro fan, but will be positive and enjoy the learning experience.

I'm going to try to make it to that rooftop yoga practice I spoke about a few days ago!

For tomorrow, look for:
-1 week review of the 31-Day Challenge (day 7!)
-thoughts on the experiment so far.
-favorite poses
-upcoming practices for the week


Lauren said...

Love your kitty doing yoga! Too cute! Ginger use to bite and dig on my mat when she was a puppy! :)

Ang said...

Cats are so funny! I was doing my yoga for relaxation last night and at the end you lay on the mat for a minute or so and my cat Buttercup started running her paws through my hair!