Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29: yoga, sleep, bake

Day 29, can anyone else believe it? The end has been the most difficult for me. Not because I don't want to do yoga, but because of my schedule. I am exhausted after work; it's ridiculous! Yesterday I ended up doing a 15 minute podcast.
This afternoon I completed a 25 minute podcast.
Someone asked me what my favorite podcasts are for yoga, and I honestly do not have any yet since I just bought my new MacBook Pro last week! My previous computer was a piece of crap and I couldn't download anything! Argh!!
I am enjoying 20 minute yoga download, though. I really prefer videos, so if someone has any suggestions for yoga download VIDEOS then hit me up.

After yoga, I had every intention of going food shopping, but sleep overcame me! I ended up napping for 3.5 hours. um, oops?
Right now my egg-free and dairy-free banana bread is baking away (-free because I didn't make it to the store). I hope it turns out good. I'm not too worried. I also grated in 1/2 of a honeycrisp apple (am enjoying the other half as I write this).

Lately, I'm been enjoying a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals. Sometimes I just cannot eat any meat or animal products; I feel like crap after...toxic-like? I do not like to label myself as vegetarian or vegan, but I'd say right now my diet is 85% vegetarian. Still love my cow's milk yogurt and cheese, but I did venture out the other night and try one of Amy's frozen pizzas that had no dairy. Pizza with no cheese! And I was pleasantly surprise!

It will be interesting to see how my diet changes over the next few months to accommodate to my CSA. And even more importantly, how it changes when I start to work nights--PS: terrified. If anyone has any tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially eating when working three 12 hour night shifts, hit me up. Right now, I am tentatively beginning November 16th. My manager is well-aware that I am not wanting to work nights and says, "it won't be for long." I think she might know something, but cannot say for sure. I'm all for working nights at the moment though, since I need to pay off this lovely laptop. I'll be making about an extra $400 per paycheck. Sweet! I'm trying to look on the bright side.

Here are some pictures from last weekend. We went to International Mall to get Mirza's MacBook fixed and ended up at a delicious restaurant, which I have no idea the name!! aah. It was something "bistro." Inside was quite aesthetically pleasing. They had a variety of options and it was not expensive at all.

I had the vegetable wrap with house salad:

Mirza had the coconut curry shrimp with jasmine rice and "vegetables."

Dessert was a Creme Brule cheesecake. Sorry, no picture:(

Tomorrow is my CCIP graduation!! I will post pictures of my pin and certificate.


Eco Yogini said...

yay congrats!!!! :)

I am LOVING the yogaglo membership- seriously it is AWESOME. you should check out their site ( you can choose by style, by level, by length of practice or by instructor. and they film in their studio and it actually FEELS like you're in the class (as much as a video can!). I was extremely skeptical, but now am very impressed.
if you use a lot of video I'd highly recommend this. PLUS- they donate 5% of their profits to a charity of your choice :) you can also watch lectures from different yoga-academics.

tres cool :)

Susan said...

I think I eat about the same as you...85% vegetarian. I like ice cream wayyyyy too much to ever consider being vegan, however. (I also like a good burger!) But at home, I mostly cook with beans since they're cheaper and I don't really like raw meat anyway.

I don't have any tips about working night shift (since I work evening shift), but I give anyone who works nights major props...I'm super picky about my sleep so I'm not sure I could do it, especially people who flip back and forth when they're not working. I look forward to hearing about your time on your own and on nights!