Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 24: power yoga podcast

Good morning bloggers and readers!

As I said last night, I am loving my new MaBook Pro. I'm still learning since I've only had a PC (and shitty ones at that), but I am getting the hang of it. I absolutely love the podcasts--free yoga ones!!

I just completed a 25 minute power yoga session and boy, was it difficult! I definitely worked up a sweat, but I now feel great. I couldn't stand to drive all the way to the gym to sit in this one particular class because it is and weird, as I said in previous posts. Yoga in the comforts of your own home is so wonderful at times.

We are now on Day 24. I was completely determined that I would not miss any days EVER, but as you've seen, day 22 was the "fail." At first, I was pretty upset about this, as if I let myself down (and maybe even readers??), but then I realized that if I did the yoga on that day, it would just be pointless movements with no meaning or intention other than to say, "Yes, I did yoga today." And for me, what is the point in that? I had worked 12.5 hours taking care of a patient on the vent, on the verge of dying, who is probably gone now since the family debated taking her off the vent and letting her die....and then I bought a new computer! I mean, that is an eventful day. I was exhausted physically and emotionally.

So, I am happy with the challenge!


Princi said...

Since you mention the free podcasts for yoga, do you have any good suggestions? I have been looking around but without much success...

About "day 22" my yoga teacher would say "be compassionate with yourself".

I found your blog when you were at the very beginning of this challenge and now you are almost there! Keep up with the good job!